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About Therapy

Free Consultation 

One of the most important factors in successful therapy is a good fit between therapist and client.  For this reason, I offer a free consultation for all potential clients, to ensure that not only am I the best fit for your treatment needs, but also that you are comfortable with my approach and style.  If I feel that someone else might be a better fit, I am happy to make a referral.  During this time I can also answer any questions about payment, insurance, etc.  Please visit my contact page to set this up.

Fees and Billing

Fee - My session rate is $120. The first session is 1-1.5 hours and follow up sessions are 55 minutes.

Insurance - At this time I accept Quartz insurance.  I also provide out of network services for other insurances.  If you have an out of network benefit, you will pay me at the time of the session and I will give you a bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 


Health Savings Accounts - You can use health savings account funds for psychotherapy, and I can give you a bill for reimbursement.


I accept all major credit cards, cash and personal check.  I strive to work with you to create a treatment plan and schedule that is affordable while still meeting your treatment goals.


Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common reasons people seek therapy.  Whether you are worried about many things, or have a specific anxiety such as social anxiety or phobia, I can help you learn mind-body coping skills that will help you relax your body and mind and face your fears with confidence.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support 

The transition through pregnancy and the postpartum period can be challenging for all moms, but it is especially difficult if you are also coping with a mood or anxiety disorder.  In therapy, we can work through everything you are going through, and equip you with coping skills that will not only help you enjoy this time in your life, but also help you throughout your parenting journey.  

Stress Management

Life today is very complicated and most people identify themselves as being too busy or stressed to some degree.  In therapy we can look at how you are dealing with the stress and find new more positive ways of coping.  We can also look into the things that are causing you the most stress and create a plan to address those things or minimize their impact.

Office Photos


Phone and Online Appointments

I want to make attending therapy as easy as possible for you.  For this reason I offer phone and online sessions.  The online sessions are through a HIPAA compliant software that is similar to Skype or Zoom.

Office Appointments

In person therapy takes place in my comfortable and private westside Madison office.  The office is convenient to the beltline, has easy parking and is handicap accessible.

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