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Becoming a Mom can be difficult and amazing and everything in between...

I offer counseling services to support women who are struggling with anxiety as they navigate the transition to motherhood. I offer in-person services in Madison, Wisconsin and on-line services for women living throughout Wisconsin. I help women in coping with anxiety throughout the journey to motherhood, including:


                        Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety

                                       Birth Trauma

                                    Infertility and Loss

               Anxiety about Becoming a Parent, or Having another Child

Pregnancy Postpartum Anxiety Therapy

Hi, I'm Lynn

Lynn Peyton, LCSW, PMH-C, Madison WI Pregnancy Postpartum Therapist

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (WI License LCSW 7755).  I specialize in supporting women through the transition to motherhood and am certified in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C).  My approach starts with helping you recognize your strengths and your growth.  I work with all parts of you - body, mind, emotions - to help you become more confident, empowered, self-compassionate and calmer as you settle into your new role as mom.  I'm located in Madison, Wisconsin and am the mom of 2. 

You don't have to go through this alone

With support, you can have a different experience of motherhood. You can feel better and enjoy the ride.  You can learn new ways of coping through practical strategies that keep the time and energy limits of new motherhood in mind.  You can increase your self-compassion and self-awareness so things can become easier.  You can have a safe space to talk about the hard parts of motherhood, without judgement. Please reach out if you would like to connect.

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